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Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War series

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Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War series

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Name:Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War series

Total Size: 2.85 GB

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Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War 01 - The White Queen (Size: 2.85 GB) (Files: 175)

 Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War 01 - The White Queen

  Philippa Gregory - The White Queen - CD01

   Track 09.mp3

10.81 MB

   Track 10.mp3

10.70 MB

   Track 04.mp3

10.17 MB

   Track 05.mp3

9.94 MB

   Track 06.mp3

9.31 MB

   Track 08.mp3

8.90 MB

   Track 03.mp3

8.34 MB

   Track 7.mp3

7.91 MB

   Track 12.mp3

7.45 MB

   Track 02.mp3

7.14 MB

   Track 11.mp3

6.63 MB

   Track 01.mp3

3.56 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The White Queen - CD02

   Track 02.mp3

11.87 MB

   Track 11.mp3

10.91 MB

   Track 06.mp3

10.39 MB

   Track 01.mp3

9.82 MB

   Track 07.mp3

9.64 MB

   Track 12.mp3

8.87 MB

   Track 03.mp3

8.72 MB

   Track 08.mp3

7.54 MB

   Track 10.mp3

7.06 MB

   Track 04.mp3

6.59 MB

   Track 13.mp3

4.54 MB

   Track 05.mp3

4.44 MB

   Track 09.mp3

1.97 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The White Queen - CD03

   Track 08.mp3

12.92 MB

   Track 01.mp3

12.12 MB

   Track 06.mp3

10.97 MB

   Track 07.mp3

10.96 MB

   Track 05.mp3

10.14 MB

   Track 02.mp3

8.30 MB

   Track 04.mp3

7.17 MB

   Track 03.mp3

6.89 MB

   Track 09.mp3

6.63 MB

   Track 10.mp3

4.99 MB

   Track 11.mp3

4.84 MB

   Track 12.mp3

3.51 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The White Queen - CD04

   Track 08.mp3

11.13 MB

   Track 17.mp3

10.53 MB

   Track 11.mp3

9.83 MB

   Track 14.mp3

9.34 MB

   Track 03.mp3

9.32 MB

   Track 10.mp3

8.80 MB

   Track 01.mp3

8.03 MB

   Track 06.mp3

7.95 MB

   Track 04.mp3

5.98 MB

   Track 16.mp3

4.81 MB

   Track 02.mp3

3.52 MB

   Track 18.mp3

2.84 MB

   Track 07.mp3

2.39 MB

   Track 05.mp3

2.06 MB

   Track 15.mp3

1.96 MB

   Track 13.mp3

1.85 MB

   Track 12.mp3

1.63 MB

   Track 09.mp3

1.58 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The White Queen - CD05

   Track 07.mp3

12.31 MB

   Track 03.mp3

11.63 MB

   Track 01.mp3

11.07 MB

   Track 06.mp3

10.51 MB

   Track 9.mp3

10.44 MB

   Track 10.mp3

9.17 MB

   Track 02.mp3

8.82 MB

   Track 05.mp3

7.92 MB

   Track 04.mp3

7.83 MB

   Track 08.mp3

6.70 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The White Queen - CD06

   Track 03.mp3

11.62 MB

   Track 01.mp3

10.44 MB

   Track 04.mp3

8.73 MB

   Track 14.mp3

8.61 MB

   Track 10.mp3

8.43 MB

   Track 13.mp3

8.33 MB

   Track 12.mp3

7.53 MB

   Track 02.mp3

7.23 MB

   Track 11.mp3

6.94 MB

   Track 09.mp3

6.02 MB

   Track 05.mp3

5.56 MB

   Track 08.mp3

4.83 MB

   Track 07.mp3

3.80 MB

   Track 06.mp3

2.75 MB

 Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War 02 -The Red Queen

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch18 of 48.mp3

43.95 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch08 of 48.mp3

35.81 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch31 of 48.mp3

31.33 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch32 of 48.mp3

27.67 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch01 of 48.mp3

25.39 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch48 of 48.mp3

24.62 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch20 of 48.mp3

21.37 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch33 of 48.mp3

18.53 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch21 of 48.mp3

14.82 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch11 of 48.mp3

13.69 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch45 of 48.mp3

13.51 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch04 of 48.mp3

13.22 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch05 of 48.mp3

12.41 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch22 of 48.mp3

11.67 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch24 of 48.mp3

10.98 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch26 of 48.mp3

10.59 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch19 of 48.mp3

10.51 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch28 of 48.mp3

10.44 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch06 of 48.mp3

10.28 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch15 of 48.mp3

9.78 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch10 of 48.mp3

9.78 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch17 of 48.mp3

9.76 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch29 of 48.mp3

9.08 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch41 of 48.mp3

8.86 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch37 of 48.mp3

8.43 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch27 of 48.mp3

8.03 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch34 of 48.mp3

6.21 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch40 of 48.mp3

5.98 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch46 of 48.mp3

5.95 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch44 of 48.mp3

5.61 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch35 of 48.mp3

5.41 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch23 of 48.mp3

5.23 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch25 of 48.mp3

4.91 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch09 of 48.mp3

4.83 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch02 of 48.mp3

4.75 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch12 of 48.mp3

4.69 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch14 of 48.mp3

4.10 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch36 of 48.mp3

4.02 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch38 of 48.mp3

4.02 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch39 of 48.mp3

4.02 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch47 of 48.mp3

3.95 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch43 of 48.mp3

3.74 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch07 of 48.mp3

2.54 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch16 of 48.mp3

1.70 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch42 of 48.mp3

1.66 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch13 of 48.mp3

1.56 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch03 of 48.mp3

1.49 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen Ch30 of 48.mp3

1.19 MB

 Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War 03 -The Lady of the Rivers

  The Lady of the Rivers Part 3.mp3

176.54 MB

  The Lady of the Rivers Part 2.mp3

174.88 MB

  The Lady of the Rivers Part 1.mp3

174.00 MB


37.28 KB


9.09 KB

 Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War 04 -The Kingmaker's Daughter

  The Kingmakers Daughter Part 2.mp3

210.99 MB

  The Kingmakers Daughter Part 1.mp3

204.58 MB


37.72 KB


11.93 KB


9.23 KB

 Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War 05 -The White Princess

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_13_Part 13 of 16.mp3

36.14 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_06_Part 06 of 16.mp3

35.89 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_04_Part 04 of 16.mp3

35.07 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_08_Part 08 of 16.mp3

34.84 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_01_Part 01 of 16.mp3

34.82 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_02_Part 02 of 16.mp3

34.81 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_05_Part 05 of 16.mp3

34.74 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_03_Part 03 of 16.mp3

34.60 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_16_Part 16 of 16.mp3

34.10 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_15_Part 15 of 16.mp3

33.75 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_07_Part 07 of 16.mp3

33.01 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_11_Part 11 of 16.mp3

32.47 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_10_Part 10 of 16.mp3

31.94 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_09_Part 09 of 16.mp3

27.22 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_14_Part 14 of 16.mp3

26.10 MB

  Philippa Gregory_The White Princess_12_Part 12 of 16.mp3

24.50 MB


47.46 KB


8.22 KB

 Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D16 of 20.mp3

18.20 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D13 of 20.mp3

18.09 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D14 of 20.mp3

17.98 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D11 of 20.mp3

17.66 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D18 of 20.mp3

17.65 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D12 of 20.mp3

17.49 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D03 of 20.mp3

17.48 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D20 of 20.mp3

17.35 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D07 of 20.mp3

16.86 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D10 of 20.mp3

16.59 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D01 of 20.mp3

16.28 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D15 of 20.mp3

16.23 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D04 of 20.mp3

16.22 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D19 of 20.mp3

16.15 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D09 of 20.mp3

16.15 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D17 of 20.mp3

15.87 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D02 of 20.mp3

15.63 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D06 of 20.mp3

15.21 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D08 of 20.mp3

14.99 MB

  Philippa Gregory - The King's Curse D05 of 20.mp3

14.72 MB


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Torrent description

Written by Philippa Gregory
Format: MP3
Bitrate: Variable

Currently, the chronological order that these books should be read in is:
The Lady of the Rivers (64 Kbps)
The White Queen (192 Kbps)
The Red Queen (96 Kbps)
The Kingmaker’s Daughter (64 Kbps)
The White Princess (64 Kbps)
The King’s Curse (32 Kbps)

Internationally bestselling author Philippa Gregory brings the tumult and intrigue of The Wars of the Roses to vivid life in The Cousins’ War, her stunning series about the family that preceded the Tudors: the magnificent Plantagenets, a family of complex rivalries, loves and hatreds. The White Queen, tells the dramatic story of Elizabeth Woodville who marries king Edward IV in secret. The Red Queen brings to life the story of Margaret Beaufort, heiress to the red rose of Lancaster. The Lady of the Rivers is the story of Jaquetta Woodville, mother to the White Queen. The Kingmaker’s Daughter is the story of Anne Neville, youngest daughter of the ruthless Earl of Warwick, the most powerful magnate in 15th century England

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